Seller's checklist

Selling Your Business with Sunbelt

 Client Responsibilities  

Step 1: Agreements

  • Sign the Engagement and Fee Agreement
  • Provide payment of engagement fee

Step 2: Disclosure

  • Complete the Seller’s Disclosure Statement
  • Complete the Confidential Business Profile Questionnaire  

Step 3: Most Probable Selling Price Preparation

Organize all financial and business valuation related documents for submission to Sunbelt for valuation processing and preparation of Most Probable Selling Price including:

  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment list (with appropriate market value in place)
  • Lease details / copy of lease
  • Profit and loss statements (3 years minimum)
  • Monthly revenue reports
  • Staffing and organizational chart
  • Franchise agreement summary
  • List of competitors
  • Upside potential summary
  • List of sizzle points
  • List of defects in business  

Step 4: Review and Discussion of Most Probable Selling Price

  • Review details of Most Probable Selling Price
  • Agree on “Go to Market” pricing and ideal deal structure
  • Review tax and structuring issues with Sunbelt and your tax lawyer or accountant  

Step 5: Preparation of Marketing Materials

Review and approve the following documents

  • Marketing Plan
  • Confidential Business Profile
  • Confidential Business Overview
  • Blind Profile
  • Advertising copy
  • Web listing  

Step 6: Go to Market!

  • Sunbelt takes your business to market  

Additional Considerations & Reminders

  • Clean up your financials, books and records in preparation for sale
  • Put your business in “show room” condition
  • Prepare to meet with buyer prospects as required
  • Update Sunbelt regularly regarding to any changes in business performance
  • Review offers with Sunbelt
  • Prepare counter offers with Sunbelt
  • Participate in due diligence planning
  • Provide due diligence materials
  • Review closing documents with Sunbelt and your lawyer
  • Review final tax issues with Sunbelt and your accountant
  • Participate in closing inventory review
  • Review closing adjustments with Sunbelt and your lawyer
  • Close the deal
  • Fulfil training and transition agreements